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Heroes 04x01/02 Orientation/Jump, Push, Fall - i can see a horizon from here [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Heroes 04x01/02 Orientation/Jump, Push, Fall [Sep. 21st, 2009|10:08 pm]
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Claire - you were disturbingly cute in the first episode and while it was maybe a little genius to think of throwing yourself out the window instead of a stolen cadaver, it was also very dumb.  That Gretchen girl who may have seemed cool at first but now freaks me out quite a bit just saw you heal yourself  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WHY ARE YOU CAUSING PROBLEMS FOR YOURSELF I JUST WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY FOR ONCE.  Just go see your daddy in the hospital and make him feel better and find the swimmer guy from last season i fucking loved him.

HRG - Oh god, your life just seems so sad and alone.  I'm sorry Sylar ruined everything for you ):  But hey, you got to see your baby girl and now you're really involved in the plot and you've got a hot partner with abilities.  Thing's are looking up.  And I love how you/Peter interacting.  He left you soup!  That's so sweet.  He's basically family, anyway. 

Nathan - oh fuck oh fuck i don't know.  What are you?  You are these confusion of two people I absolutely adore and maybe I wouldn't be completely upset if it wound up you and Sylar merged into one person.  Can you imagine a Sylar who has a giant crush on Peter and dotes on Claire?  I fucking can.

Sylar - Baby, you are the sexiest motherfucker to walk the earth.  Since seeing Star Trek I had forgotten just how much you make me want to scream with delight.  Just keep doing what you're doing.  I feel terrible for Parkman and he may kind of be one of my favorite characters, too, but sacrificing you is not an option.  You are necessary to Heroes.  Yes.

Parkman - If you want the fucked up, sexy psychopath out of your head merge Nathan and Sylar do it do it do it or find Sylar a body to take over I WANT IT (also you and your son are adorable n____n )

Ando - ANDO SCORES THE WOMAN WHOOOOHOOO.  Somehow I think this is going to cause problems.  Your epic bromance with Hiro does not seem to be disturbed and yet - we all know the butterfly effect definitely holds true in Heroes.  Repurcussions await.

Hiro - If I think about you for too long I am going to cry.  Please, please, please save yourself.  I don't care if you join the dark side or whatever just please don't die.  I love you so much ;___________; 

Tracy - Bad.  Ass.  And you can't die (maybe?).  Looking forward to your scenes for once (:

Peter - YOU!  YOU'RE BACK.  Please stay in the spotlight, I have missed you and your silly hero antics so much.  Do that crooked thing with your mouth again and everyone's going to jump you.  It's not easy to resist.  Either make the lovely sexy time with Nathan/Sylar or hook up with Hesam (he liiiiiikes youuu).  I'm seeing some paramedic love in the future.  Not sure Angela would appreciate those visions, but I sure do.